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“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." -Robert Frost

Leadership emerges from awakening our eyes to a new way of seeing and being through a voyage of discovery that is captured mythically in the classic hero’s journey. Though the landscapes we navigate in life are real, we often understand them as an unfolding collective story. These stories provide a context of meaning, purpose and a sense of identity for human beings. The story of our recent past was of the industrial leader. This story of mechanical production does not reflect the emerging knowledge landscape. The qualities of a leader that suited the industrial age are no longer sufficient to see the subtle and intangible aspects of organizational life that support creativity and real organizational learning. New eyes are needed to sense the spirit behind the emerging organizational landscape and to awaken the courage to lead as opposed to manage our lives and our work.

The awakened eye of a leader reveals a new story, a story of possibilities. In this story, qualities of trust, integrity, risk taking, service and spirit in the workplace are seen as the generative seeds of innovation that lead to an appreciation of the second bottom line and value creation in the new economy. The leader’s work is to nurture these qualities in support of higher quality organizational conversations that catalyze imaginative strategic thinking and organizational learning. These thinking and learning capacities are needed to sustain competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Through an interactive blend of lectures, music, indoor and outdoor experiential activities, journaling and conversations, participants will sense the potential and possibility of infusing their dreams, passions and imagination into their day-to-day work. In the process, they will uncover questions which, if answered, would help create an organizational climate to more effectively support collective learning and imaginative strategic thinking---a climate that would breathe new life into work.

For information about our customized leadership programs, please contact:
Robert H. Lengel, Associate Dean for Executive Education at (210) 458-4778.


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